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The Suzuki 250 HP DF250TXW2 Outboard Motor is your ultimate companion for conquering the waters with unparalleled power and precision. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and crafted to perfection, this outboard motor is designed to elevate your boating experience to new heights.

With a robust 250 horsepower, the Suzuki 250 boat motor delivers unrivalled performance, ensuring swift acceleration and effortless manoeuvrability on the water. Whether cruising leisurely or pushing the limits, this outboard motor offers the reliability and power you need to tackle any adventure confidently.

Equipped with Suzuki’s advanced fuel injection system, the DF250TXW2 delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, allowing you to go farther while consuming less. Say goodbye to frequent refuelling stops and hello to extended hours of uninterrupted boating enjoyment.

Featuring df250 Suzuki innovative Lean Burn Control technology, this outboard motor optimizes fuel mixture for maximum efficiency, further enhancing your fuel economy without compromising performance. Glide through the water smoothly and efficiently, knowing that every fuel drop is utilized to its fullest potential.

Built to withstand the rigours of marine environments, the Suzuki df250 boasts a rugged construction and durable components, ensuring years of reliable operation. Whether navigating choppy waters or exploring serene lakes, you can trust Suzuki’s legendary durability to keep you powering ahead.

Experience the ultimate power, efficiency, and reliability blend with the Suzuki df 250 price. Elevate your boating adventures and make every moment on the water unforgettable.

Here are Some Features of Suzuki 250 Boat Motor:

  1. Powerful 250 HP Engine: Designed for superior performance and acceleration, providing ample power for many boating activities.
  2. Advanced Fuel Injection System: Ensures exceptional fuel efficiency, allowing for extended range and reduced fuel consumption.
  3. Lean Burn Control Technology: Optimizes fuel mixture for maximum efficiency, enhancing fuel economy without sacrificing performance.
  4. Precision Control: Offers smooth and responsive throttle response for precise manoeuvring and handling on the water.
  5. Rugged Construction: Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, durable components ensure long-lasting reliability.
  6. Low Emissions: Meets stringent environmental standards, providing a cleaner and more eco-friendly boating experience.
  7. Easy Maintenance: Designed for simplified maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and ensuring hassle-free operation.
  8. Quiet Operation: Engineered for reduced noise and vibration levels, delivering a quieter and more comfortable boating experience.
  9. Integrated Digital Gauges: Provides real-time information on engine performance, fuel consumption, and other vital parameters for enhanced monitoring and control.
  10. Multiple Shaft Length Options: Available in various shaft lengths to accommodate boat configurations and 2019 Yamaha 250 HP F250XCA Outboard Motor.

These features collectively make the 250 Suzuki outboard a top choice for boaters seeking high performance, reliability, and efficiency on the water.

Here’s a Specification of Suzuki 250 Boat Motor:

Specification Description
Horsepower 250 HP
Engine Type Four-Stroke
Displacement 4028 cc
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Starting System Electric
Ignition System Solid State Electronic
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Lubrication System Wet Sump
Gear Ratio 2.29:1
Trim Position Power Trim and Tilt
Steering Remote Steering
Shaft Length Options 20 inches, 25 inches, 30 inches
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline (Minimum 87 Octane)
Fuel Tank Capacity External Tank (not included)
Recommended Oil Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Oil
Oil Capacity 8.0 liters (with filter change)
Alternator 54 Amps (12 Volts)
Weight 274 kg (604 lbs)
Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty
Compliance EPA and CARB 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission Compliant

These specifications provide detailed information about the Suzuki 250 HP DF250TXW2 Outboard Motor, helping you decide its suitability for your boating needs.


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Engine Type: Suzuki 250 HP DF250TXW2 DEC Four Stroke
Horsepower: 250hp
Cylinders: V6
Displacement: 220.5 CI
Shaft Length: 25″
Steering: Remote Mech
Starter: Electric
Weight: 606 lbs.
Fuel Induction System: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

In The Box

Suzuki 3-Years Warranty (Official Warranty)
Fuel Tank
Suzuki Controls & Cables
Owner’s Manual & Toolkit
Fuel Lines
Service Manuals
Engine Covers
Suzuki Maintenance Kit
Fuel Filters
Suzuki NMEA 2000 SMIS
Suzuki Carburetor Kits
Suzuki Oil Filters
Suzuki Gauges
Suzuki Water Pump Kits
Suzuki Fuel Connectors
Suzuki Oils
Suzuki Zinc Anodes
Suzuki Outboard Remote Control Box
Suzuki GPSMap 922xs GMR 18HD Bundle
Suzuki Marine Gauge Kit
Service Manual
Outboard Motor Cover

Shaft Length

shaft length



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