300 HP Outboards

300 HP Outboards For Sale

300 HP Outboards Online. As you prepare your gear for a morning of coastal fishing, a vibrant sunrise illuminates the shoreline. Both your twin V6 Offshore outboard motors and your friends are ready to go. Some of the most reliable V6 outboards on the water are Yamaha’s V6 4.2-liter models, which are renowned for their power, efficiency, and exceptional 96 percent reliability. These days, with integrated digital electric steering, they’re also among the most agile. They are now more receptive than before. Once again, our V6 Offshore outboards, small outboard motors, 3.5hp outboards and boat motors have shown that even a tried-and-true favorite can have an intriguing twist. 

300 HP, Outboard Motors For Sale

Our dependable offshore favorite, the V6 4.2-liter F300, small boat motor, is just getting better. It now comes in Yamaha gray or pearlescent white and has a brand-new cowling design with engine-mounted propeller indicator lights if equipped with Helm Master® EX and 250 HP Outboards. It also has newly integrated digital electric steering and rerouted exhaust for improved reverse propulsion. It will undoubtedly be a popular option offshore for many years to come.

  • Recommended fuel: 89 Octane
  • Alternator output: up to 70 amp
  • Shaft lengths available: 25″, 30″ and 35″ (30″ & 35″ on F300 DEC only)

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