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225 HP Outboards For Sale

Undoubtedly, horsepower plays a pivotal role in the selection of an ideal engine for your 225 HP Outboards. However, it’s crucial to consider other factors, such as cost and features. Despite the absence of lightweight performance engines in 2019, modern outboards with 200 to 300 horsepower are still remarkably powerful and reliable. The boat motors for sale in 2019 present some promising options. These modern engines are enhanced by a plethora of features, making them exceptionally efficient. 

There are several ‘semi’ performance small outboard motors available in the market that are worth considering, and some can be tweaked to enhance their performance. However, Yamaha, Mercury Racing stands out as the sole manufacturer producing truly hardcore performance used outboard motors. 

The 225 horsepower range is a sweet spot for many. While the 250R and 300R are undeniably powerful, they might be outside everyone’s budget. Hence, a 225 HP outboard strikes a perfect balance between price and power for most single-engine outboards. Here, we present the top outboard engine, 225 outboards for 2019, listed in no particular order. Toward the end, we provide a ranking. 

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