2019 Yamaha 115 HP F115XB Outboard Motor


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2019 Yamaha 115 HP F115XB Outboard Motor For Online

Discover the epitome of marine engineering with the Yamaha 115 HP F115XB Outboard Motor. Meticulously designed and precision-crafted, this powerhouse redefines the standards of performance and reliability in the world of outboard motors.

Yamaha F115 For Sale

Heading out to the dock for a day spent with loved ones, the sun gleams off the ocean. Yamaha 115hp outboard is prepared to enhance the enjoyment, whether you’re pulling a skier or trolling for sand bass. They’re ideal for mid-sized craft like deck or multispecies boats because they’re lightweight, strong, and fast. Some models even come with a 25″ shaft option for increased versatility. Take advantage of Yamaha’s Midrange 115, 90, and 75 horsepower outboards and go for a day of exploration. 

115hp Yamaha Outboard For Sale

Our 1.8-liter Midrange F115 engine has four valves per cylinder on a double overhead camshaft. The F115 now has a competitive power-to-weight ratio because of this boost in volumetric efficiency.

  • Only 377 pounds
  • Powerful 35-amp alternator
  • Available in 20″ or 25″ shafts
  • Optional Variable Trolling RPM via the Command Link® tachometer

Key Specifications:

  • Engine Type: Yamaha F115XB Four Stroke
  • Horsepower: 115hp
  • Cylinders: 4 cyl
  • Displacement: 1832cc
  • Shaft Length: 25″
  • Steering: Remote Mech
  • Starter: Electric
  • Weight: 386 lbs
  • Full Throttle Range: 5300 – 6300 rpm
  • Fuel Induction System: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)

Precision in Power:

The Yamaha F115XB Four-Stroke engine, Yamaha f115xb, boasting 115hp, stands as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to delivering unparalleled power and efficiency. With a meticulously crafted four-cylinder design, this outboard motor ensures a harmonious blend of performance and fuel economy, ideal for both leisurely cruising and high-octane adventures.

Unmatched Engineering:

At the heart of this outboard motor is an 1832cc powerhouse designed to conquer the challenges of the open water. The 25″ shaft length and remote mechanical steering provide exceptional control, making every voyage a masterclass in marine maneuverability.

Efficiency Redefined:

The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system optimizes fuel delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient combustion process. It not only maximizes power output but also minimizes fuel consumption and emissions, adhering to Yamaha’s commitment to eco-friendly marine technology.

Remote Mech Steering Excellence:

Engage in a new level of boating precision with the remote mechanical steering system. Navigate waterways with ease, experiencing responsive control that enhances the overall boating experience, whether you’re navigating through narrow channels or enjoying a leisurely cruise.

Reliability in Every Detail:

Weighing in at 386 lbs., this outboard motor strikes a delicate balance between robust construction and portability. The electric starter ensures a quick and reliable ignition every time, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead with confidence in your equipment.

Experience the Yamaha Advantage:

Elevate your on-water adventures with the 115hp Yamaha Outboard. Designed by marine experts for marine enthusiasts, this outboard motor exemplifies Yamaha’s legacy of innovation, precision, and reliability.


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In The Box

Fuel Additive
In-Line Fuel Filters
Fuel Filter Elements
Owners Manual & Tool Kit
Fuel Tanks
Pre-Made Fuel Lines
Fuel Line Fittings / Connectors
Water Pump Repair Kits
4-Stroke Oil
Oil Filters
Gearcase Lube
Replacement Proppelers
Spark Plugs
Addons / Trim Tabs
Accessories Covers & Security
Electrical Accessories
Carburetor Repair Kit
Rigging – Twin Applications
Yamaha Outboard OEM Multi-Function Gauge Tach Tachometer
Genuine Yamaha Outboard Remote Control Box With Power Trim
Garmin GPS Map 922xs GMR 18HD Bundle
Yamaha Marine Digital Network Gauge
Service Manual
Yamaha 6YC-83710-03-00 6YC Multi Display
Yamaha Outboard Tiller Handlers
Yamaha Control Box
Outboard Motor Cover

Shaft Length

shaft length



Engine Type: Yamaha F115XB Four Stroke
Horsepower: 115hp
Cylinders: 4 cyl
Displacement: 1832cc
Shaft Length: 25″
Steering: Remote Mech
Starter: Electric
Weight: 386 lbs.
Full Throttle Range: 5300 – 6300 rpm
Fuel Induction System: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)


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