Honda 225hp iST Outboard | BF225DXDA


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Honda 225hp iST Outboard | BF225DXDA

Discover the power and precision of the Honda 225hp iST Outboard, featuring the BF225DXDA model. As your trusted outboard specialist, we bring you this exceptional marine engine for peak performance on the water.

Unrivaled Performance

The Honda BF225DXDA iST Four Stroke engine delivers a robust 225hp, thanks to its 6-cylinder design. With a 25″ X-Long shaft length, this outboard motor provides excellent maneuverability and control.

Intelligent Shift & Throttle

Experience the future of boating with the Intelligent Shift & Throttle (iST) system. Effortlessly control your Honda 225hp outboard for a seamless and responsive boating experience.

Effortless Starting

The electric starter ensures a reliable ignition every time, so you can set out on your aquatic adventures without any hassle.

Remarkable Design

Weighing in at 622 lbs, the Honda BF225DXDA offers a tilt range of 72° and a trim range of -4° to +16°, allowing you to fine-tune your outboard motor for optimal performance.

High-Performance Specifications

  • Displacement: 3,583 cc
  • Induction System: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Cooling System: Efficient Water Cooling

5-Year Honda Marine Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with Honda Marine’s 5-year warranty, a testament to the durability and quality of the BF225DXDA.

Standard Features

  • Power Trim & Tilt: Effortlessly adjust your outboard’s trim and tilt for superior control.
  • 60 Amp Charging System: Keep your onboard electronics powered throughout your journeys.
  • Owner’s Manual: Your comprehensive guide to understanding and maintaining your outboard motor.

Elevate your boating experience with the Honda 225hp iST Outboard. Trust in the innovation and performance that Honda is renowned for. Explore the open water with confidence and reliability, backed by Honda Marine’s 5-year warranty.


New, Used


    • Engine Type: Honda BF225DXDA iST Four Stroke
    • Horsepower: 225hp
    • Cylinders: 6 cyl
    • Shaft Length: 25″ X-Long
    • Steering: Intelligent Shift & Throttle (iST)
    • Starter: Electric
    • Weight: 622 lbs
    • Tilt Range: 72°
    • Trim Range: -4° to +16°
    • Full Throttle Range: 5000 – 6000 rpm
    • Displacement: 3,583 cc
    • Induction System: EFI
    • Cooling System: Water Cooled
    • Warranty: Honda Marine 5-Year Warranty
    • Power Trim & Tilt
    • 60 Amp Charging System
    • Owner’s Manual


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