Yamaha 4hp Outboard F4LMHA


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Model: F4LMHA
Horsepower: 4hp
Throttle / Shift: Tiller
Starter: Manual
Shaft: 20″ Long
Trim & Tilt: Manual
Rotation: Standard

Yamaha 4hp Outboard F4LMHA For Online

Introducing the Yamaha 4hp Outboard F4LMHA — a pinnacle of maritime engineering that exemplifies Yamaha’s commitment to precision, reliability, and performance. Crafted with the expertise of an outboard specialist, this powerhouse is tailored for those who demand uncompromising quality on the water.

Yamaha 4 Stroke 4hp Outboard Online

Yamaha’s 4-hp portable outboards have streamlined overhead-valve, single-cylinder designs and weigh as low as 59 pounds. True portability is achieved by their modest weights, integrated carrying handles, resting pads, and an oil-leak prevention system for on-site storage capacity. When you combine their dependability, efficiency, and performance, these tiny powerhouses are ideal for a variety of light-duty tasks, such as jumping to the cuddy on a tender. With a Yamaha Portable Outboard, you can bring additional power with you wherever the day takes you.

With a few less horsepower, Yamaha’s portable outboard, which is 139cc, produces 4 horsepower, much like their OHV F6. It has the same easy-to-grip, ergonomic starter handle with an integrated decompression mechanism for effortless starting. In addition, the F4 has an incredible extended range thanks to a built-in gasoline tank with switchable access to an additional external tank. This tiny thug can’t be stopped. 

Engineered Excellence

The Yamaha F4LMHA Four Stroke engine propels this outboard with 4 horsepower emanating from a single cylinder. Engineered for efficiency and durability, it guarantees a responsive and commanding performance, making it an ideal choice for a range of boating applications.

Extended Reach and Control

Designed with a 20″ long shaft and tiller steering, the Yamaha 4hp outboard 4 stroke offers extended reach and precise control. The manual starter adds to the simplicity of operation, embodying Yamaha’s dedication to user-friendly design principles.

Performance and Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 61 lbs
  • Alternator Output: 6 amp
  • Degree of Tilt: 69°
  • Degree of Trim: -4° through +16°
  • Full Throttle Range: 4000 – 5000 rpm
  • Displacement: 139cc

Efficient Fuel Delivery System

The Yamaha 4hp outboard engine features a carbureted fuel induction system, ensuring optimal fuel delivery for efficient and reliable performance. The internal fuel tank, with a capacity of 0.29 gallons, makes it well-suited for extended journeys on the water.

Standard Features for Superior Performance

  • Aluminum Propeller designed for efficiency and durability
  • Internal Fuel Tank (0.29 gallons) for added convenience
  • It comes complete with an Owner’s Manual for comprehensive guidance

Choose the 4hp Yamaha outboard motor for an unparalleled combination of power, precision, and dependability. Experience the legacy of Yamaha’s commitment to excellence on every nautical adventure.


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    • Engine Type: Yamaha F4LMHA Four Stroke
    • Horsepower: 4hp
    • Cylinders: 1 cyl
    • Shaft Length: 20″ Long
    • Steering: Tiller
    • Starter: Manual
    • Weight: 61 lbs
    • Alternator Output: 6 amp
    • Degree of Tilt: 69°
    • Degree of Trim: -4° through +16°
    • Full Throttle Range: 4000 – 5000 rpm
    • Displacement: 139cc
    • Fuel Induction System: Carb
    • Aluminum Propeller
    • Internal Fuel Tank (0.29 gallons)
    • Owner’s Manual


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