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Browse our 115 HP Outboards category, where you’ll discover a diverse range of 115 horsepower outboard motors. Whether you’re seeking a new or pre-owned option, our selection provides you with the perfect outboard engine to power your boating adventures. Experience the ideal balance of performance and reliability with our 115 HP outboards, designed to make your marine journeys smooth and efficient.

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Heading out to the dock for a day spent with loved ones, the sun gleams off the ocean. Yamaha’s Midrange outboards are prepared to enhance the enjoyment, whether you’re pulling a skier or trolling for sand bass. They’re ideal for mid-sized craft like deck or multispecies boats because they’re lightweight, strong, and fast. Some models even come with a 25″ shaft option for increased versatility. Take advantage of Yamaha’s Midrange 115, 90, 9.9 hp outboard, outboard motor for sale and 75 horsepower outboards and go for a day of exploration. 


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