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The Verado, Mercury V8 250 and 300hp Verado® outboards are the ultimate in outboard motor performance and design for boaters who aren’t willing to settle for anything less. They have the strength and dependability to accomplish long-distance runs in rough water, as well as thrilling acceleration and top speed. The under-cowl noise management system and the Mercury-only Advanced MidSection (AMS) establish the benchmark for quiet, seamless operation and the best possible on-water experience.

Premium maritime performance is carried on by the venerable Verado boat motors engine family with the Mercury® 5.7L V10 350 and 400hp Verado® outboards. They have exceptional power and capability, backed by the first V10 naturally aspirated powerhead in the outboard market, allowing you to fearlessly explore farther than you ever thought possible. With cutting-edge digital controls and SmartCraft® technology that make boating simple, you can take control of the water. Verado outboards and small outboard motors are incredibly quiet, smooth, and sophisticated; they completely change the boating experience. 

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