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Yamaha V-Max Sho Online. Imagine waking up in the serene half-light of morning just as the birds begin their melodious chorus. The V6 V MAX SHO, a powerful and reliable outboard motor, is your perfect companion, whether you’re racing on the circuit or seeking the perfect fishing spot on your local lake. 

Don’t just take our word for it; ask any professional angler who swears by it. With its competitive stats, a decade of proven performance and dependability, and now 40% more charging power, the V6 V MAX SHO, Yamaha 5 hp outboard is the trusted choice of champions. 

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Five of the last seven Bassmaster® Anglers of the Year were powered by the V6 V MAX SHO®, shop boat motors and 25 hp short shaft outboard. Brandon Palaniuk is among those who have claimed, “I’ve never second-guessed my Yamaha 3.5 hp outboard motor, V MAX SHO®.” The abuse this engine endures and still manages to function is astounding.

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